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The Inaugural Creativity Lecture

Brian Dorval, President of ThinkFirstServe Inc. gave the Inaugural Creativity Lecture for The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at Cass Business School.

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice invited Brian Dorval, Presdient of ThinkFirstServe Inc. to give their inaugural lecture. The centre was originally opened in 2008 and is now hosted at Cass Business School.

Neil Maiden, Professor of Digital Creativity opened the lecture saying, “The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice is interdisciplinary; our aim is to research all aspects of the phenomena of creativity and innovation. We encourage everyday creativity in order to enhance work, life and happiness and we do this by supporting the creative process.”

Brian Dorval has more than 25 years’ experience helping people, teams, and organisations significantly improve their personal performance and business results. As past vice president of client services for the Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc., Brian worked with many Fortune 500 and Times 1000 organisations to enhance performance in innovation. He is one of the co-developers of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) version 6.1™, publishing more than 60 articles, chapters and books on the topics of creativity, mental imagery and problem solving.

Inaugural Creativity Lecture
Dorval’s addressed a packed theatre to talk about the ‘The Past, Present and Future of Creative Problem Solving’ focused on the evolution of creative problem solving, from its early foundations in the 1940’s with the work of Alex F. Osborne, to the present day.

Discussing the changing models of creativity and problem solving, he said, “Problem solving should be explicit and deliberate in its methods. When there’s a problem, we need to come up with a solution not just an evaluation because essentially, creative problem solving is about making a change.”

About The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice was formally recognised as a new Cass Research Centre in October, and there are now over 30 academics, researchers and doctoral students from Cass and across City who are members of the Centre. Since its inception in 2008, the Centre has acquired research grants with a total value of over £10million, of which £1.5 million has come directly to the Centre. The Centre is responsible for delivering the Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership led by Dr Sara Jones.

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