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Helping start-ups in the creative industries of Buenos Aires

MSc students worked on projects in the Orange Economy of Argentina

For 33 Cass MSc students, this month’s spring break offered an unforgettable experience: a chance to visit Argentina and conduct consultancies for 8 creative industry start-ups. The students worked with businesses based in The Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) incubator in Buenos Aires.
Practical projects enabled students to take advantage of opportunities across the arts, heritage, media, and creative industries. In Latin America, these sectors make up the "Orange Economy", which encompasses the wealth of talent, intellectual property and cultural heritage in the region.
From 12th to 17th April, Cass students from five different Masters degree programmes (Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Finance and Corporate Finance) enrolled in the international elective called ‘Start-ups: International field trip’. They travelled to Latin America for the week, accompanied by faculty members, Dr Joanna Zaleska and Professor Stephen Thomas.
The students worked with start-ups across the creative economy, including arts and crafts (Colectando Sol, Fiumine, Ecobox); design (Miss Attache, Bauths); film, video and photography (La Chispa Films); software (Prixter) as well as computer games and electronic publishing (Estudio Guarda).

While collecting data on market opportunities and assessing potential for new creative businesses, Cass students were able to develop applied skills in the formulation of business, marketing and promotional plans suitable for use within the creative industries, the application of financial tools and techniques to support profitability, sustainability tactics and growth within the context of commercially creative work. All eight groups will now write a consultancy report based on their experiences as a final part of this practical course.

Dr Joanna Zaleska, Course Director of the MSc in Management commented:
“We recognise the growing importance of the creative Industries in the diverse range of interests our students have. This international elective is aimed at those who wish to turn their business and creative talents into a viable career or business start-up, as well as for those involved in developing and growing enterprises within the sector. The fast changing nature of the creative economy means numerous opportunities are being generated for students. Estimates suggest that one in ten jobs in Buenos Aires are in the Orange Economy industries and that these industries generate nine in every hundred pesos of the city’s income”.
The elective has been created by the Cass Business School in conjunction with the Incubator from Buenos Aires. The Metropolitan Design Center (CMD) in Buenos Aires is a public institution under the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and its mission is to be the main public promoter of design, culture and the creative industry in the city.
The start-up projects provided practical opportunities for Cass MSc students who are thinking about developing a business or considering a freelance career in a creative industry. The module was devised in response to the increasing demand for creativity in the practice of management and the increasing number of creative industry career opportunities available to MSc students.

See photos from the trip on the Cass Business School Facebook page.

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