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Recent Cass alumnus releases his bestselling book in English

Book aimed at asset managers, investment professionals and private investors

Recent Cass alumnus Nicolas Schmidlin has had his first book published in English.

It is titled The Art of Company Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis: A value investor's guide with real-life case studies.

  • Is a given stock over or undervalued?
  • How can the future prospects of a company be evaluated?
  • How can complex valuation methods be applied in practice?

Nicolas answers these questions and conveys the principles of company valuation in an accessible and applicable way.

Valuation theory is linked to the practice of investing through financial statement analysis and interpretation, analysis of business models, company valuation, stock analysis, portfolio management and value Investing.

The book illustrates each valuation method with a case study of actual company performance. More than 100 real case studies are included, supplementing the theoretical framework and offering potential investors a methodology that can easily be applied in practice.

It is written for asset managers, investment professionals and private investors who require a reliable, current and comprehensive guide to company valuation.

It aims to encourage readers to think like an entrepreneur, rather than a speculator, when it comes to investing in the stock markets.

Nicolas graduated from Cass in 2013 with an MSc in Investment Management. He originally published the book in German in 2011. It became the bestselling book for company valuation in Germany. It has now been published in English by John Wiley & Sons.


After graduating from Cass, Nicolas co-founded an investment fund in Germany. The fund currently has more than 20 million Euros under management.

In this role he gained the practical insights which eventually lead to the original German version of the book.

Talking about his time at Cass, Nicolas comments:

"Cass's practical education approach - and its strong links to the City - provided me with the opportunity to combine both the academic and practical side of investment management. This eventually led to the idea of translating my book into English and extending the content for an international audience, introducing investment and valuation approaches for true investors."

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