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Management Professors receive CMI recognition

"Test Driving the Future" selected among best management papers of 2013

Cass research duo Professor Ajay Bhalla and Professor Joseph Lampel have been recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) for producing one of the five best management research pieces of 2013.

The pair co-authored "Test-Driving the Future: How Design Competitions are Changing the Future of Innovation" with Dr Pushkar Jha from Northumbria University. The article was the runner-up in the CMI best article for 2013 award.

The paper provides an overview of rapid development of design competitions and considers how they encourage innovation. It was originally published in the Academy of Management Perspectives journal and nominated after receiving positive feedback from CMI members.

Professors Lampel and Bhalla said: "This recognition is a signal of the impact research we carry out at Cass. Today business schools are being assessed for producing research, which goes beyond academic audience and carries real managerial relevance.

"Our research on design competitions shows how they can be an important mechanism to deliver innovative products and solutions that produce mixed-goods, i.e. private benefits but with public-good spillovers.

"Our research also shows how managers can create effective design competitions, and is a step forward in demonstrating that business school academics can make a contribution to opening new frontiers of innovation in public and private domain."

Professors Bhalla and Lampel were recognized at a prize giving ceremony on Monday at the British Library.

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