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Cass Professor joins expert panel for the U.S FDA

The panel will look at the risks and benefits of direct-to-consumer drug advertising

Vince Mitchell, Cass Professor of Consumer Marketing, is to join an expert panel for the United States of America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The panel will oversee a study into direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising research.
The study aims to develop a set of reliable and valid measures for assessing consumers' prescription drug risk and benefit perceptions.

It is being conducted by the Centre for Communication Science, RTI International on behalf of the FDA.

Professor Mitchell will work with leading academics from McMaster University, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina and University of Virginia.

The team will develop measurement items that the FDA can use on future consumer prescription drug studies.

Using their expertise, they will identify constructs, develop new and existing candidate items, and test the items for reliability and validity.

The FDA and other stakeholders will use the validated measures on future research studies which will see consumers being randomly assigned to view a print or television ad for a fictitious prescription drug.

Professor Mitchell said: "Understanding the risks and benefits consumers perceive from drugs advertising is crucial to deciding if and when consumers might be misled, misinterpret or miss-diagnose their medical problem and which drug is appropriate.

Although the US has had direct-to-consumer drug advertising for many years, the UK has also recently seen some drug companies beginning to enter this space with more subtle communications."

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