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Cass EMBAs find slower broadband doesn't damage Tech City

Research by Cass EMBAs has found that slower broadband doesn't stop Tech City from being a world centre of start-ups.

After political criticism of London's slow broadband connectivity, a group of Cass Business School EMBA students have conducted a research study into how far connectivity actually matters for London start-ups.

The report, produced by EMBA students Sidd Gandhi, Reda Haidar, Sahil Kothadia and Naushad Shaik, was published in Tech City Insider

They found that though London's connectivity needs improving, focusing on such deficiencies distracts from the many strengths that make Tech City appealing to entrepreneurs. 

Broadband might be a key part of success but their research showed judging the growth of Tech City solely on one factor to be too simplistic. 

The report created a City Connectivity Index which compared broadband speeds, connection quality and future promise of London against four other UK cities. 

Although London came fourth for broadband against the UK cities, in comparison to other international cities with tech clusters, London's connectivity was ranked second.

This meant London was outperforming Silicon Valley, the world renowned successful ecosystem for tech ventures, which only placed sixth. 

This result led the EMBAs to question the very correlation of connectivity with start-up activity. 

They found that although broadband speed might not be the fastest, London offers many other strengths that make it an attractive start-up ecosystem.

London's strong transport links make it an excellent base from which to cross into the European market. 

Meanwhile access to the City and its strong infrastructure of financial services have helped London become the leading location for FinTech business worldwide. 

Good access to capital and financial incentives for floating on the London Stock Exchange have also been central to establishing the city as a centre of start-up business. 

All these other elements, besides speed of connectivity, are highlighted in the report as key to making Tech City an attractive location for budding entrepreneurs.

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