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Leadership in the Asia Pacific

New book by Cass Professor Chris Rowley examines leadership issues in Asia

Professor Chris Rowley, Director of Cass's Centre for Research in Asian Management and Professor Dave Ulrich, of Ross School of Business in Michigan have teamed up to edit a new book on Leadership in the Asia Pacific.

The book contains a selection of essays by top leadership academics from around the world. Moving beyond western cultural perspectives, the book considers the impact of Confucianism, Daoism and Mohism on Asia Pacific leadership styles.

The two professors draw from their knowledge and experience to introduce the work of their peers. They close the collection with insights and lessons from the case studies and theories it discusses.

Professor Rowley is a HR management expert. He has published 370 articles and book chapters, most recently The Importance of Human Capital Analysis: Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty. Asia Business is one of Professor Rowley's specialist areas; he is the editor of the journal Asia Pacific Business Review.

Professor Ulrich continues to gain recognition within the academic community for his research on Human Resources (HR) and leadership capability within organisations. Among his most cited works is Human Resource Champions, an essential text for individuals in HR management.

Leadership in the Asia Pacific is tabled for official release on 18 October and available to pre-order now.

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