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Eureka! Coffee shops and Google

City Unrulyversity asks: 'Where do great entrepreneurial ideas come from?'

City Unrulyversity kicked off a new term with a packed clubhouse at Unruly HQ this week.

Over 60 guests attended the panel session: Where do entrepreneurial ideas come from and how do you know you are on to a good one?

There was a lively discussion that covered themes including the science of idea generation, inspiring environments, themes of originality and identifying need.

The advice for the entrepreneurs present included:

  • Stimulate your Superior Anterior Temporal Gyrus! Scientists have identified this part of your brain, just above your right ear, lights up with electrical activity when you have a 'eureka!' moment
  • Perhaps there are no more new ideas - just different ways to put them together or present them. It's the combination of things which is new
  • Give away your ideas to others; it makes room for new ones. If you keep them to yourself you tend to think of fewer
  • Search for ideas through observation of others, as well as in your own life. Your smartphone can wait - grab a coffee and take the time to look around
  • Speak to people who are different to you, creativity thrives on diversity 
  • The internet is a wonderful place and computers are now being developed which can put things together to create new ideas
  • Don't throw away ideas, keep them. It might be that the right time hasn't come yet, but a few years later, technology and/or consumers have evolved and your "old" idea could finally fly.

Moderated by Cass Business School Professor Vince Mitchell, the panel comprised:

City Unrulyversity pops up every Wednesday from 6-8pm just off Brick Lane in the heart of Tech City. Next week's session How to build a strong business model in times of uncertainty is with Leo Castellanos.

Leo is the Incubation and New Ventures Manager at City and oversees the University's incubation space, The Hangout. A graduate of the Cass MBA, Leo is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. He describes himself as an Investment Director, Acceleration Guy and Cross-Atlantic Entrepreneur.

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