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City Unrulyversity meets Digital Shoreditch at ‘Future Brands’ day

Cass's Dr Marius Luedicke delivers lively session to packed Unruly Clubhouse

Why branding your startup matters.

Many entrepreneurs might consider branding their business after launch.

However, this week at City Unrulyversity, Cass Business School's Dr Marius Luedicke explained why entrepreneurs need to consider branding at an early stage in their startup.

He explained that through clever brand management customers will:

  • prefer the brand and recognize it
  • build relationships with and through it
  • use the brand for their identity construction
  • love buying from and consuming great brands

Dr Luedicke says: "There are many great products out there but they don't have huge branding success. Consumers don't like them, they don't trust them; they don't see the story. Get this dimension right from the start to get the best out of your product or service."

How to build a better brand.

Attendees were divided into small groups to brainstorm ideas about their brand. They were encouraged to think about brand touchpoints, thoughts and cultures by first considering the core of their proposition. This method of thinking about a brand, Luedicke pointed out, should remain consistent as the brand develops and changes over time.

City Unrulyversity's branding session took place to coincide with 'Future Brands' day at this year's Digital Shoreditch. City Unrulyversity also presented to the festival at Shoreditch Town Hall on Monday.

City University London, which Cass is part of, has sponsored Digital Shoreditch for the last two years.

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