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Leadership: Premises and Prospects

Lively lunchtime panel debate at The Alumni World Forum 2013

Deputy Dean Cliff Oswick opened the second panel discussion of AWF2013 with the statement "Leadership is pervasive and very loosely defined."

Chairman of the Football League, Greg Clarke, former CEO of Edelman and Visiting Professor in PR, Robert Phillips, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Jo Silvester and Senior Lecturer in Management, Amanda Goodall tackled the problem of defining leadership both in terms of 'near' and 'far.' A good 'near' leader excels at managing a small team, but those commonly identified as 'great' leaders are described as 'far' leaders.

In this lively debate the panellists presented their ideas of the defining elements of leadership, before opening themselves up to some rigorous cross examination from the audience…

Watch the debate here

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