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Cass MBA’s go behind the scenes in Las Vegas

Students head to bright lights for marketing elective

32 Cass MBA students flew to the bright lights of Las Vegas in February

The students took part in a strategic marketing elective which gave a unique insight into its complex business environment.

It combined site visits with classroom seminars. The students had the rare opportunity to work with behind the scenes decision makers at the famous gaming resort.

The city's hotels compete fiercely for custom, making Las Vegas an ideal destination for the students to study marketing.

Cass Associate Dean for the MBA programme, Dr Sionade Robinson said: 

"Las Vegas attracts almost 40 million visitors a year, has more hotel bedrooms than London and New York combined and generates the bulk of Nevada's revenue. The high stakes of this dynamic location provided an excellent place for Cass MBAs to study up close the strategic marketing of giant corporations, hospitality visionaries and ambitious private equity-backed entrepreneurs as they compete for visitor dollars."

Dr David G. Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, said:

"This was a great, ambitious programme that brought the students into one of the most competitive hospitality markets in the world and gave them unparalleled access to decision-makers. By learning how Las Vegas casinos position themselves, the Cass students gained critical insights that they will be able to apply throughout their careers."

Shelley Doorey, an Executive MBA student who took part in the elective said:

"The Strategic Marketing elective in Las Vegas allowed us to assess first-hand how organisations in highly competitive environments devise and implement marketing strategies through client segmentation, loyalty programmes, targeted promotions etc. 

"As a group, we met with a number of senior executives from a broad range of resorts and venues both from the Strip and upcoming Downtown. Many insights were also gained through observing customer type and behaviours in the resorts.

"The lessons from this elective are broad enough to be applied to many industries and businesses."

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