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Top investors meet budding tech entrepreneurs

Cass holds networking event for London's vibrant technology community

Leading venture capitalists mixed with tech-minded entrepreneurs at a lively seminar showcasing Cass's business start-up expertise.

The event was organised by Cass's Peter Cullum Centre for Entrepreneurship to connect and inspire nascent entrepreneurs, and to raise awareness of the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund, a £10million venture capital fund which finances start-up and early stage companies.

Angel investor Hussein Kanji and venture capitalist Sean Seton-Rogers were among the speakers who shared their insights on starting and growing successful tech businesses.

They were joined by James Butler, founder and CEO of Microsoft award-winning company Cloud Business, and Olli Astley, CTO of Contego Fraud Solutions, who discussed their businesses from a technology perspective. Both companies are backed by the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund.

Jane Reoch, Investment Director of the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund, said: "Our aim was to bring the tech community together with potential investors and to remind them of the support we can offer at Cass.

"As a world-class business school on the edge of east London, we are ideally located to provide the dynamic knowledge and expertise tech businesses need to grow and succeed."

The event brought together a panel of speakers to discuss the latest trends in UK tech and investment and offer tips for building a successful tech team.

Among them was Sean Seton-Rogers who has been investing in technology companies across both the US and Europe for more than a decade, working closely with companies including Bebo and

.Also on the panel was Hussein Kanji who was voted 'Most Influential European Tech Investor' in an industry poll led by PeerIndex and The Daily Telegraph.

The event was moderated by Michael Skapinker of the Financial Times.

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