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Cass professor delivers The Nicholas Barbon Lectures

The lectures celebrate the Chartered Insurance Institute Centenary

Professor of Actuarial Science, and Director and Deputy Dean of Cass Business School, Steven Haberman opened this year's annual Nicholas Barbon Lectures in celebration of the Chartered Insurance Institute Centenary.

Professor Haberman gave the first in a series of lectures on 'The impact of major trends on insurance' to an audience of practitioners and professionals in the insurance and pensions industry last month.

His lecture called 'The ageing population: UK longevity and the implications of changing life expectancy' outlined his projections for UK longevity and mortality rates, the factors affecting life expectancy and the implications for society as a whole and the insurance sector.

Professor Haberman said: "I was very honoured to have been asked to give one of the lectures and indeed to have opened the series."

The series of lectures will also explore other major trends impacting on the insurance industry such as: climate change -factors driving frequency of catastrophes and their long-term implications and the impact of changing regulation on the insurance industry

The lectures will run every Thursday until 28th June 2012 at The Chartered Insurance Institute Insurance Hall.

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