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Cass professors chosen to edit "Handbook of Exchange Rates"

Handbook serves as a reference guide for practitioners, academics and students

Professors of Finance Lucio Sarno and Ian Marsh at Cass Business School were chosen to edit a book on exchange rates which provides readers with the relevant concepts and policies for working in today's international economic climate
The "Handbook of Exchange Rates" features contributions written by leading specialists from the global financial arena and presents a collection of original ideas on foreign exchange (FX) rates in four sections.

It includes an overview introducing the history of the FX market and exchange rate regimes, exchange rate models and methods focusing on forecasting exchange rates, FX markets and products outlining active currency management. There is also a section on FX Markets and Policy which explores the current policies in place in global markets and presents a framework for analyzing financial crises.

Professor Ian Marsh said: "In planning the book we drew up a list of key subjects deserving of a chapter and against we wrote the name of the key people in that topic. In almost every case, to our delight those people accepted our invitation to contribute. As a result, the chapters have been written by leading specialists in their fields, often with extensive experience in academia and or professional practice."

Throughout the book, topics are explored in-depth alongside their founding principles. Each chapter uses real world examples from financial industry and concludes with a summary that outlines key points and concepts.

Jim O'Neill, Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management said: "It is quite easily the most wide ranging treat of expertise on the forex market I have ever come across. I will be keeping a copy close to my fingertips."

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