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Cass CCE and NUS to deliver innovative leadership programme for students' union staff

Programme aims to create and support a generation of outstanding leaders

Cass's Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) and The National Union of Students (NUS) are launching a groundbreaking leadership development programme for permanent staff in students' unions.

The programme aims to create and support a generation of outstanding leaders.
The student movement already has an impressive impact on civil society.

This is a time of unprecedented pressures and demands on student members. The professional development of permanent staff is fundamental to making a real positive difference to the lives of students and their unions.

Ben Ward, Head of NUS Charitable Services, said of the partnership: "We want future generations of employees to be drawn to students' unions as the workplaces of choice, because of our deep commitment to developing powerful leadership at every level of the Movement. We chose to work with Cass CCE because they proposed a really innovative and comprehensive approach."

Students' unions are dynamic and highly complex systems to lead, with the main office bearers changing annually.

Staff leaders in students' unions have to maintain continuity throughout, work with an exceptionally wide range of stakeholders, and inspire staff though a period of devastating austerity.

This leadership programme will resource leaders to rise to this challenge.

James Barrett, Principal Consultant at Cass CCE and programme lead, said: "We want to build on the impressive track record of the student movement, and to stretch and develop a new generation of Chief Executives, senior managers and emerging leaders. This programme will engage a diverse cross-section of ambitious leaders with different levels of experience, from unions at different stages of development, and across a wide geographical reach."

Denise Fellows, Director and CEO of Cass CCE Consultancy, added: "Our multi-disciplinary team of leadership experts will be exploring staff development needs using a range of dynamic action research methods. Colleagues are drawing together a fantastic programme for delivery from autumn 2012. I believe that our partnership with NUS will enable participants to be creative and bold, to build fellowship, and to support each other to establish powerful new ways of leading."

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