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Cass academic wins prestigious research prize

Professor David Blake awarded best paper by North American Actuarial Journal

Research co-authored by Professor of Pension Economics, David Blake, has been awarded the annual prize for best paper in the respected North American Actuarial Journal.

The paper, A Quantitative Comparison of Stochastic Mortality Models Using Data from England & Wales and the United States, compares eight models explaining improvements in mortality rates across these countries.

Among its findings, the study shows there have been approximately linear improvements over time in mortality rates at all ages, but the greatest improvements have been at lower rather than higher ages.

Professor Blake said: "I am grateful and honoured to receive this prize along with my co-authors. The North American Actuarial Journal is a leading journal in mortality research, a field of study which provides the essential foundation for the Life Market, the newly emerging market that trades mortality-linked assets and liabilities."

The paper was co-authored with Andrew J. G. Cairns, Kevin Dowd, Guy D. Coughlan, David Epstein, Alen Ong, and Igor Balevich. It appeared in Volume 13, Issue 1 of the North American Actuarial Journal.

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