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Cass Professor looks to succeed with new book

 New publication, the 'perfect success mantra' Succeed or Sink, by Professor Chris Rowley

Succeed or Sink the new publication by Cass Business School Professor Chris Rowley and associates from the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) has been welcomed by senior executives as the "perfect success mantra on how to keep your business sustainable" and praised by leading management guru David Ulrich and his colleagues at RBL Group as having "already informed our thinking".

Written in partnership with Ms. Jayantee Mukherjee Saha, Principal Researcher at SHRI and Mr. David Ang, Executive Director at SHRI, Succeed or Sink looks at business sustainability under globalisation using case studies from Asian companies and features forewords by two senior executives from leading Asian international organisations.

Sanjay Chaudhari, Global Business Director for international advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather and Mr SB Borwanker, Senior Vice President of Tata motors, India's largest automobile company, have both included forewords in Professor Rowley's new publication citing the work as "a unique book".

Sanjay Chaudhari says in his foreword "The book comes at an opportune time. The world is just shaking off the effects of one of the most devastating financial crisis in living memory. Companies that were decades old have vanished in the wink of an eye. This team has put together a truly integrated approach to the question of business sustainability and its challenges. The mantra of the new decade will surely be 'SOS' (Succeed or Sink)".

Aimed at business strategists, policy makers, researchers and adult learners, this book has an Asian perspective on business sustainability. It explains how recent developments and future actions in one part of the world have a global impact.

Mr SB Borwanker praises the work of the Professor Rowley and his co-authors by saying "I must appreciate the efforts of the authors for their extensive work on case studies pertaining to research, findings, analysis, results, conclusions, implications and guidance concerning the recent development in corporate world across South East Asia"

Professor Rowley is the Director of the Centre for Research on Asian Management and Professor of Human Resource Management at Cass. He is Editor of the leading journal Asia Pacific Business Review, Series Editor of the Working in Asia and Asian Studies book series and advisor (Research and Publications) to the HEAD Foundation, Singapore

The book will be published by Woodhead Publishing

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