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Cass EMBA Reunion at Citi

A report of a recent alumni reunion by Professor Bryan Foss (FTMBA 1996)

We probably all expected to hear that China's GDP would imminently overtake the USA, but from Citi's Chief Economist Willem Buiter we learnt so much more about the reasons and differences behind global growth and debt.

The event took place at the Citi Auditorium at Citigroup Centres, Canary Wharf and was hosted by Michael Llewelyn-Jones, (now Managing Director, Head of TMT Citi Group and an EMBA88 graduate), and organised by our own Gareth Wong, who had been working to arrange this unique event 'for the past 5 years'.

Economists are usually far less certain, but here we heard Willem speak with some confidence about a 40 year view of sustained global growth, developed from a significant project effort involving Citi's global research resources.

The optimistic 'top line' expectation of sustained global growth included more mature economies showing slower growth, while those emerging economies with the right key characteristics were expected to generate far faster growth in GDP - eventually slowing as they mature and 'top out'. 

Those missing just one or two key characteristics to support growth were likely to be quickly left behind - and others (even some of the BRICs) could find themselves travelling in entirely the wrong direction. In a world of growth, key commodities will continue to be needed and valued of course.

Following just a few audience questions the group went on to question our hosts in an informal environment and to network with the huge variety of E/MBA alumni and a few invited Masters students. For myself this was the first event I had managed to attend, but it certainly won't be my last. As an independent board member of an international company myself I found the insights and contacts that this event provided to be invaluable.

The Cass MBA Alumni group of more than 1300 members lives in the virtual world of LinkedIn, alumni can apply to join at to take be advised of future events. You can find me on LinkedIn too Prof. Bryan Foss

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