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Whither Chinese Management?

New book examines management changes in world's second largest economy

In light of the recent news of China's emergence as the world's second largest economy, Professor Chris Rowley's new book addressing Chinese management structures could not be more up to date and topical.

Published in February 2011, Chinese Management in the 'Harmonious Society', Professor Rowley's book, co-written with Professor Malcolm Warner of Cambridge University, examines the development and future of management and managers in China.

The book aims to update previous works in the field covering business and management and covers a wide range of topics, including banking, competition, employee satisfaction, expatriates, industrial relations, HRM, organisation, SME's, social responsibility and strategic sourcing.

Under the Chinese construction of a 'harmonious society' which aims for a "basically well-off" middle-class oriented society, China's focus has changed from economic growth to overall societal balance.

Professor Rowley says "As ownership has opened up and has become more fragmented, the state-owned firms no longer dominate the scene, nor does their management model. Managing has also become more complex and diversified, as well as more professional. This book asks what the next steps are likely to be and will assess the current directions in which Chinese managers are developing, as its economy slows down in the face of global uncertainty."

As the founding Director of the Centre for Research on Asian Management (CRAM) at Cass, as well as editor of the Asia Pacific Business Review, Professor Rowley has had several works published on the subject of Asian business and is recognised as a leading expert in the field. The work is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students in business administration especially those on MBA programmes, as well as those studying development economics, management studies and related courses, including lecturers in those subjects.

Chinese Management in the 'Harmonious Society' is available to buy from Routledge Publishers.

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