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Cass Professor judge at Marketing Society Awards

Professor Vince Mitchell says that iPhone apps have 'brought marketing back to its roots'

Vince Mitchell, Sir John E Cohen Professor of Consumer Marketing, joined the prestigious judging panel for this year's Marketing Society Awards for excellence, which took place on 6th June 2011 in London. Over the last twenty-six years, The Marketing Society Awards have established their reputation as the leading marketing awards in the UK.

The panel singled out Robinsons Fruit Shoot for special praise, highlighting their campaign which promoted the role of play to appeal to children and mums, amidst the challenges to the brand incurred by increasing health concerns and the difficult market conditions of the recession.

Professor Mitchell, who also heads the Marketing Subject Group at Cass, believes that 'marketing is always about what customers want and giving people what they want, at a profit, but not only for profit'. However, 'over the last couple of decades marketing has gone down a route of increasingly squeezing customers for profit and not really attending to what customers want'.

Smart phone apps have reversed this trajectory and homeless charity Depaul UK won this year's 'Marketing on a Shoestring' category for an awareness-raising app called 'iHobo'. The app requires users to care for a 'virtual' homeless person who needs Tamagotchi-style care for 24 hours over the course of three days. Professor Mitchell said: 'Apps have inspired the whole industry to get companies to think about customers and their problems, changing the way we view customers now'.

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