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Cass forms new link with European Business School

Partnership will give Cass and EBS MSc students priority admission

Cass has signed a new partnership with the German-based European Business School (EBS).

The agreement will give students at EBS, located in Wiesbaden near Frankfurt, a chance to study at Cass as part of their MSc programme. All EBS students are required to undertake an exchange or duel degree at another school to fulfil the requirements of their Masters degree.

EBS students who successfully complete their course will also get priority to study on one of Cass’s 17 Masters programmes, together with a 15 per cent discount.

MSc Programmes Director, Susan Roth, said: “We are delighted to be working with EBS in what is our first ever partnership with a German business school.

“The partnership will open up exciting new opportunities for EBS students to study at one of Europe’s leading business schools during the final months of their MSc degree course.

“Having completed their course, EBS students will also receive priority to study for an MSc at Cass with a 15 per cent discount. As we receive more than 7,000 applications for just 1,200 MSc places each year, this is a major benefit for EBS students who want to continue their studies.”

Under the agreement, Cass MSc students who have finished their course will also be given priority to study for an MSc at EBS - one of Germany’s most respected business schools - together with a 15 per cent discount.

EBS has about 150 students on five specialised MSc courses and is renowned for its MSc in Automotive Management. Ms Roth added: “Cass students will also get priority to study for an MSc at EBS meaning they can experience studying in another of the world’s financial centres.”

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