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RAE results 2008

Cass improves position in the UK for business and management.Cass improves position in the UK for business and management.

Cass improves position in the UK for business and management

Thursday, 18 December, 2008

Today the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) results have been released, and based on the power' output of research from the School (one of three measures), Cass has improved its position from 15th to 9th in the UK for business and management research out of 90 UK higher education institutions which were submitted.

The last assessment exercise was in 2001 and this year the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has changed the way in which they conduct the assessment. Instead of giving an overall research ranking as a single figure, a quality profile has been created to provide a fuller view of an institution's research strengths and weaknesses.  This profile concludes that 15% of the School's research output was ranked in the top category of world leading' and 40% was ranked in the second category as internationally excellent'.

Our full quality profile is:

4*: world leading, 15%
3*: internationally excellent, 40%
2*: recognised internationally, 35%
1*: recognised nationally, 10%
0*: unclassified, 0%

As there is no single figure given this time, different newspapers and universities will interpret these results in different ways. Our preferred measure is the power' of research which uses both the quality profile and the number of full-time equivalent research staff submitted; it is broadly comparable to how the 2001 ranking was put together. In total, 94.5 full-time equivalent research staff were assessed, representing approximately 90% of total faculty and making Cass the 5th largest institution by size.  Cass's position in the power' table places the School above Imperial College, Oxford University, Cambridge University and Cranfield.

The annual amount of research funding allocated to the School by the HEFC will be announced in spring, it is anticipated that the rise in the rankings, coupled with the size of Cass's research faculty, will see an increase in the research funding.

The Research Assessment Exercise was first introduced in 1986 to assess the quality of research being produced at higher education institutions in England, Scotland and Wales.

The top 20 institutions under the power' measure are:

1 University of Manchester
2 University of Warwick
3 Cardiff University
4 London Business School
5 Lancaster University
6 London School of Economics and Political Science
7 University of Strathclyde
8 University of Nottingham
9 City University, London
10 Aston University
11 University of Leeds
12 University of Bath
13 Imperial College London
14 University of Oxford
15 University of Cambridge
16 Loughborough University
17 Cranfield University
18 University of Durham
19 University of Birmingham
20 University of Hull

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