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Cass research shows UK charitable giving is recession-proof

Challenge remains to increase giving as a share of total household spending

Charitable giving by UK households is largely recession-proof, however there has been no change in donations as a share of total household spending for more than 20 years, explains Professor Cathy Pharoah in this week's Cass Talks interview.

Professor Pharoah, a co-author of this research, reveals that households today give 0.4 per cent of their spending to charity - exactly the same as they did in 1988. She says they also found that elderly donors and better-off donors account for a bigger share of total donations than they did in the past. But poorer donors are still more generous than richer donors in terms of the proportion of their budgets they give to charity.

Professor Pharoah said: "The good news is that the long-term decline in the proportion of households giving has halted since the turn of the century - and donations have been very resilient to the recession. But it remains a challenge to bring about a substantial increase in giving as a share of households' total spending."

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