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A new approach to health and social care reform

Dr David Welbourn argues for a health and social care ecosystem

The focus of many of news stories on health and social care is the £110 billion budget for the NHS. However, this is only one part of the health and social care provision which includes £100 billion spent by local authorities and perhaps as much £90billion in contributions, man power and resource, from the voluntary sector.

According to Dr David Welbourn, Associate Director in the Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care here at City University London, the debate needs to be more focussed on an holistic view of what he calls the 'health and social care ecosystem' if comprehensive change is possible.

In this week's Cass talks Dr Welbourn highlights that in recent years there has been some breakthrough thinking in the field of healthcare but that it has not been taken on board by healthcare systems. The Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care at City University London is aiming to change these entrenched attitudes within the UK by tapping into the management and organisational science prevalent in other industries.

Dr Welbourn had varied career in the telecoms sector before joining the NHS as Director of Performance and Chief Information Officer in a Strategic Health Authority and subsequently as Chief Operating Officer during the start-up phase of an analysis/intelligence shared service to support commissioning. He is working with the Centre on sabbatical from his role as Director at the Matrix Knowledge Group.

The Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care was founded to create a unique space within which policy, research, practice and education can be brought into urgent and focused encounter to yield real alternatives to the doomsday scenarios facing health systems globally.

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