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The Business of Giving

New book from Peter Grant is the first from Cass Business Press

The Business of Giving: the theory and practise of philanthropy, grantmaking and social investment, by Cass lecturer Peter Grant is the first book to be released by Cass Business School's Cass Business Press, in association with Palgrave Macmillan.

The book is a development of lectures Grant has given on Cass MSc programmes dealing with philanthropy and grant making. However, Grant is keen to point out that the book is aimed at the general reader. Whilst students in the field of philanthropy will find it useful, it is primarily geared towards practitioners and those people who want to know "how you go about the process of giving away money."

In this week's Cass Talks, Grant describes the disconnection between deciding what to fund and how to do that in the most effective way, which as Grant says "leads to a lot of wasted money." 

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