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Cass academic to judge Global Entrepreneur innovation award

Dr. Li Xue Cunningham invited on review committee by the leading Chinese business magazine

Dr. Li Xue Cunningham, research fellow in Asian business at Cass Business School, has been invited by leading Chinese business magazine Global Entrepreneur to sit on the review committee for the 2012 Innovator Awards.

The awards recognise innovative companies and products and there are fifty shortlisted candidates for the committee to judge. The review committee are tasked with examining documents of candidate products and companies to decide the winners.

Global Entrepreneur Magazine is the leading business publication in China and has three bureaus in China, one in Europe and one in the United States. With a circulation of 150,000, the magazine addresses key issues in Chinese business such as globalisation, technology and finance. The magazine focuses on both multinational corporations in China and local corporations with global ambitions.

Dr. Li Xue Cunningham joined Cass as a Research Fellow in 2008. Her research interests include business development of both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multi-national corporations (MNCs) especially in China. She was invited by the magazine as a result of her academic reputation and knowledge of business practices and climates in China.

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