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Combining business skills with a passion for art

Five Cass students support emerging young artists

Five young students from Cass Business School have combined their passion for art with their flair for business to create Noetika -Guidance for Emerging Artists,  a workshop for emerging young artists.


The Noetika team (L-R): Lily Froehlicher, Alina Saphar, Felicitas Vallot, Anna Belvén and Alexandra Precupanu

Supported by Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), a non profit organisation that encourages socially responsible entrepreneurship, the group developed an idea culminating in a recent workshop for young artists.

The aim of the workshop was to give advice and guidance to young artists on how to manage themselves from a business perspective. The group identified a gap between emerging talent and established artists and reasoned this gap could be narrowed by giving emerging artists the power to promote themselves in a notoriously closed business environment.

The workshop was held in East London in an area known for its creative roots. The five students; Anna Belven, Felicitas Vallot, Alexandra Precupanu, Lily Froehlicher and Alinar Saphar, who are all studying Business and Management at Cass, secured the services of two experienced and professional artists.

Jasper Joffe, a guest lecturer at the Royal College of Art, and his associate Harry Pye are both are specialists in the field of self-promotion and marketing. The two are currently working on an exhibition together and Jasper is mentoring projects with Ralph Lauren.

Whilst the project is strictly non-profit at this stage in accordance with SIFE, the students ran Noetika as a business venture with defined roles such as project leader, administrative director, public relations officer and a secretary.

Project co-leader Anna Belven said: "We observed there is a missing link between young, emerging artists and the professional art world. We found that many young artists feel insecure after graduating from art schools because they lack business and marketing skills and missing knowledge about the art market as well as how to approach it professionally. Noetika aims to provide guidance and education for these emerging artists entering an increasingly competitive and elitist art market, by giving them the power to market themselves. Noetika hopes to increase artist's confidence and independence.

Felicitas Vallot, fellow project co-leader, added: "Since the project's inception we have always had in mind the possibility that we could turn Noetika into a business and we have plenty of ideas and plans of how we can make this a reality. For now we will keep it a not-for-profit project within SIFE but when we have acquired more knowledge and experience we definitely hope to explore our options further."

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