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Professor Charles Baden-Fuller explains why a successful business must have a sound model

Wednesday, 1 September, 2010

Only a third of businesses in the UK have a clear business model, according to new research from Cass Business School. The author of the study, Professor Charles Baden-Fuller, says that this must change in the light of the new UK Code of Corporate Governance that requires every business listed in the UK must have a clear articulation of their business model as part in their annual report.

Many people believe that business models are complicated but Professor Baden-Fuller argues that they are actually very straightforward. They express the way the business intends to make money and how they intend to receive payment. However, this isn't always straightforward, for instance Google don't commonly receive payment from their users, as with most businesses, but from advertisers who would like to reach their users.

In this week's Cass Talks Professor Baden-Fuller explains how it is not only important to have a coherent business model but organisations must also be able to tell a story to their stakeholders in a way that will encourages them to engage with the business. A sound business model is a story that explains what the business is about today and why it will still be here tomorrow.

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