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Better managed health care in an age of austerity

A soon to be launched research centre at City University, London aims to provide some solutions for the issues facing health and social care provision in the UK.

Wednesday, 6 October, 2010

Since the coalition government came to power the pace of change in the health and social care sector in the UK has greatly increased. The challenge over the coming months and years is how to manage that change in an environment of heavy budget cuts. City University hopes that the Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care might be able to answer some of those questions.
According to Dean Fathers, Director of the Centre, the new age of austerity will actually be beneficial for the healthcare community as the allocation of budgets will be more closely scrutinised than perhaps they were before. The emphasis will move to management of resources and there will be a significant trend towards innovation and creativity.
Dean Fathers also defends the record of the previous Labour government who he believes had a significant impact on the way the health service is now run. However, he believes that many of the targets and initiatives have not been updated regularly enough to ensure that they remain relevant to the modern health service. He thinks that the complexity of the system needs to be addressed to produce a simple and effective health service for all.
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