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Why multi-tasking managers mean business

Professor Vangelis Souitaris discusses his research on why top managers are multi-taskers

Thursday, 20 May, 2010

Polychronic people, or those who prefer to multi-task, make better top managers, suggests Professor Vangelis Souitaris in this week's edition of Cass Talks.

In his new research paper, Polychronicity in top management teams: the impact on strategic decision processes and the performance of new technology ventures', Professor Souitaris argues that it is important for top managers to be able to multi-task properly because it means they operate an open-door' policy, which enables them to access and acquire information through different channels internally and externally within an organisation.  This information is timely, relevant and what they need to know in order to make a decision - more efficiently.  In the high speed context of new technology businesses, this means that they can make decisions more quickly because they don't need to spend extra time gathering information.

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Vangelis Souitaris is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Cass.  Listen, watch and download Professor Souitaris's Cass Talks and see other Cass academics share their opinions at

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