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SEC investigation of Goldman Sachs is just the tip of the iceberg

Dr Nakajima discusses the wider implications for financial services of the SEC’s investigation of Goldman Sachs

Thursday, 6 May, 2010

The practices that the Securities and Exchange Commission have accused Goldman Sachs of are at the very best questionable and certainly unethical according to Dr Chizu Nakajima, Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Fraud at Cass. She also believes that the SEC have targeted Goldman to show that they are not afraid to take on the biggest players in their efforts to reform the banking sector.
Dr Nakajima also believes that this is about more than just Goldman Sachs and that it is a pivotal case for the future reputation of financial services. However, regulation alone is not enough to change the system and there needs to be a fundamental change to the ethical framework of finance across the world.
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Chizu Nakajima is Director of Centre for Financial Regulation and Crime at Cass Business School. Listen, watch and download Professor Booth and see other Cass academics share their opinions at

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