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New book explores challenges of management training in China

Title sets out evolution of management training and development

Friday, 28 May, 2010

A new book, Management Training and Development in China (2009), co-edited by Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, Dr. Malcolm Warner, in collaboration with Dr Keith Goodall from Cambridge University, explores one of the critical issues facing both the Chinese government and businesses operating in China - the lack of trained managers.
The contributors from this book claim Chinese economic growth has simply outstripped the ability of the labour market to supply much-needed managerial talent.  They look at how China has responded to the challenge of management training and development, whether the Chinese are simply following Western practices or whether there are signs of Chinese characteristics’ being used in management training and development.
They also investigate whether the MBA is still the qualification of choice for employers or if there is evidence of the beginnings of resistance to this route.  The book considers the development of business schools in China and the impact of foreign partnerships on their operation. It summarises the current trends in management training and development and outlines the likely course of future developments.
Along with the Co-Editors, there are also contributions by internationally-known scholars from a wide range of countries.
Professor Warner observes: My colleague and I have been working on the problem of how China trains its managers, for a number of years now. I myself was one of the first to empirically investigate Chinese management training and carry out research on the emerging management schools there - from the mid-1980s onwards. China now has a flourishing set of elite business schools comparable with their Western counterparts in many instances.
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