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Cass students help discover London’s secret heroes

Teams competing in Social Enterprise challenge

Friday, 12 March, 2010

Two teams of Cass students are competing in a Social Enterprise challenge which aims to discover London’s secret heroes and thank them for their contributions to the community.  The six-week challenge requires each team to create a mini-business, with assigned roles such as team leader, community liaison support and marketing officer.
Each team chooses an individual or a group of people to recognise for their involvement in the community and campaigns for the public to acknowledge this contribution.  The initiative is the brainchild of the team behind ThanksTo, a website that encourages people to thank and publicly acknowledge unsung heroes, and is sponsored by multisport superstore
Teams are assigned a successful entrepreneur who will help advise the team and develop the skills of the team members.  At the end of the challenge one team will win the opportunity to shadow a leading entrepreneur for a week.  They will also receive a cash prize of £500 and over £5,000 worth of sports equipment.
The Cass teams:
Thank Your TeacherThe Thank Your Teacher campaign is aimed at finding the teachers and coaches in the community who go the extra mile in teaching and inspiring people. They could be an English teacher who kept you after school to ensure you passed your exam, a Drama teacher who gave you the confidence to take the lead, or a football coach who helped with a family issue. This campaign is looking for both children and adults alike to go to the campaign page and leave their thanks and members: Cass BSc Management students Aleksandra Kozera and Agnieszka Pokorska; Michael Topley, Cass MSc Investment Management; City University students Olga Siczek, Undergraduate Media and Sociology, and Ricky Cella, Law conversion student; and Lucy Evans, a teacher at Bexley Business Academy.
Entrepreneur mentor: Rob Hamilton
Thank The Armed ForcesThe Thank The Armed Forces campaign team were inspired by true stories of courage, heroism and bravery and have subsequently chosen to champion the armed forces of our country. The team says those individuals who put their lives at risk all day every day are deserving of our thanks - everyday the death toll rises and more and more soldiers are killed, maimed or members: Cass Undergraduate students Thi Nguyen, Investment and Financial Risk Management; Jodi Gellman, Banking and International Finance; and Akansh Ganeriwala, Investment and Financial Risk Management; and Hilda Inyang from Christ The King Sixth Form College.
Entrepreneur mentor: Richard Davis

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