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How ethical are you? Test devised by Cass Professor reveals all

New Moral Character Profile test analyses values of individuals

Friday, 4 June, 2010

New research by Roger Steare, Visiting Professor of Organisational Ethics, casts further light on what is moral and ethical and allows everyone to find out what their own profile is.
The New Moral Character Profile is a short, multiple-choice questionnaire, which can be completed at  Respondents receive a report which gives a more detailed breakdown measuring moral values such as Freedom, Fairness and Responsibility, as well as Love, Courage, Hope, Wisdom, Excellence and Honesty in our personal and professional lives.  As everyone faces the immense challenges of economic and environmental meltdown, the test also measures Self-Discipline and Humility.
In 2008 The Times ran the Moral DNA Test with huge success and Professor Steare has used this information, drawn from more than 30,000 readers of The Times in 162 countries, to refine the 2010 version.
The results of the 2008 test suggested that ethics change with age and gender, Roger Steare comments: Basically, as we grow older we become better at making decisions, our principled conscience is our integrity and tends to be based on honesty, courage and patience.
Women were found to have more highly developed social consciences and tend to be better at making decisions that benefit everyone. This type of conscience tends to be fixed from our late teens to early 20s.
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