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Summer drinks and penalty kicks

Some recent alumni special interest group events at Cass

Tuesday, 13 July, 2010

The last month has been an especially busy time for the Cass’s Alumni Special Interest Groups, in particular the The Actuarial Network at Cass and the Cass Entrepreneurs Network.
CEN Summer PartyOn Monday 21st June the CEN held their fourth annual summer drinks. The event was a chance for entrepreneurs, business leaders and current Cass students to meet, share ideas, experience and business cards.
This year’s event was sponsored by Faskin Martineau, Keystone Law, Mercer & Hole, Peter Cullum Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Strategy Foresight Partnership LLP and the Zing Group.
CEN supports current students, staff and alumni across Cass and City University in launching and developing their business ideas. CEN develops and offers access to an inclusive network of entrepreneurial professionals, organises networking events, workshops, and a yearly business plan competition. CEN also mentors budding entrepreneurs.
The economist’s fear of the penalty kickThe recent World Cup quarter final, between Ghana and Uruguay, might have turned out very differently if the Ghanian football team had attended a recent presentation by Professor Stefan Szymanski at Cass Business School. The event, organised by the Actuarial Network at Cass (TANC), heard how the choices facing a striker and goalkeeper during a penalty shoot-out are simply a question of maths.
During the course of his speech Professor Szymanski revealed that the best footballers are also, most probably expert game theorists. Game theorists attempt to mathematically predict behaviour in strategic situations in which two parties are involved, a penalty shoot-out is a perfect example of game theory in action.
Professor Szymanski said Studies have shown that professional footballers are capable of constructing a truly random sequence in their penalty taking decisions. This shows the extraordinary amount of subconscious thought that goes into playing top-level football.
The Actuarial Network’s Annual Summer DrinksLast week it was TANC’s turn to host a summer drinks party at Cass Business School. The event brought together academics, current students and luminaries from the actuarial world who were welcomed by Professor Steve Haberman Cass’s Deputy Dean. 
Guests were also treated to an evening of fine wine tasting led by MBA alumnus James Dawson, founder of The Humble Grape’ and Ryan Carter, owner of Carter vineyards. There were six wines on offer sources from boutique vineyards around the world.
TANC is a special interest group that organises events for Actuarial Alumni and friends of Cass Business School. The network is an opportunity for you to be involved in a community of like-minded professionals, alumni and friends and to have some fun too! All of TANC’s events are free for members. Membership is open to qualified UK actuaries (FIA, FFA, AIA, AFA), Cass students and students of the actuarial profession for a small annual fee.

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