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From Crew to Captain

Making the transition from working for a big institution to working for yourself

Thursday, 1 July, 2010

Giving up the security of steady employment to launch a company is an ambition which many people aspire to, but with 80% of small businesses not lasting five years, what can aspiring entrepreneurs do to be part of the prosperous 20%? 

In his new book, From Crew to Captain, David Mellor, one of the UK’s leading mentors of would-be entrepreneurs and Associate Director of Cass Exec, lets us in on some of the trade secrets of going it alone.  David started his own consultancy practice in 2001, prior to which he worked as a commercial and investment banker for 25 years with HSBC and Deutsche Bank.  He says:

There are a great number of books on the topic of starting your own business.  Many of them focus on taking your idea to market.  That is absolutely fine.  But what if you don’t have an idea, or you have an idea but you are not sure that running your own business is the right option for you?  I want to make sure these aspects are given a fair hearing.

From Crew to Captain is divided into three parts: reflecting, planning and doing, and is a comprehensive self-help handbook for small business success, covering themes such as:

What does it take to make the transition and is it for you?
What you need to think about and do when preparing to launch your business
Why do so many small businesses fail Where are the traps and how do you avoid them?

Visit for more information.  The book is also available through main booksellers and

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David Mellor, Associate Director, Cass Exec

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