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Cass launches £1 million Haberman Campaign for Actuarial Science

Deputy Dean gives his name to fundraising drive

Saturday, 24 July, 2010

Cass has launched the Haberman Campaign for Actuarial Science which aims to raise £1 million over the next two years to invest in people and the talent of those who study, teach and undertake research in Actuarial Science at the School.
The Haberman Campaign is named after Professor Steven Haberman, Director and Deputy Dean of Cass Business School and Professor of Actuarial Science, in recognition of the enormous contribution he has made to Actuarial Science worldwide.  Professor Haberman has been working at City University, London, and Cass Business School for 35 years and his name has become synonymous with education in Actuarial Science, both in the UK and around the world.  The campaign is also a tribute to Professor Haberman on the occasion of his 60th birthday.
The campaign was formally launched on Wednesday 21 July at an evening reception at the School with guest speaker Jane Curtis, President elect of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

The campaign aims to raise funds to:
 Create a strong and competitive scholarships’ programme for undergraduate and graduate students from around the world.
 Strengthen Cass’s world class research at doctoral and post-doctoral levels.
 Support our highly qualified academics in their teaching at Cass, as well as attracting additional first class lecturers into the Faculty.

At present there is no dedicated funding for scholarships for undergraduate or postgraduate students wishing to study Actuarial Science at Cass.  The resources available for financial support are limited and talented students from around the world have to compete for scholarships with many other student applicants from all other disciplines.

The Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance at Cass attracts over 450 undergraduate applications from more than 50 nations each year.  Around 100 of the best students are accepted each year onto the three year course.  The courses at MSc level attract over 200 applications every year, of whom around 75 are accepted for the one-year MSc programme in Actuarial Science and around 50 into the MSc programme in Actuarial Management.

Applications for financial support account for more than one-third of such applications at Cass and many of these are from students who come from emerging economies.  It is hoped that this fundraising campaign will help more talented students study Actuarial Science at Cass who may otherwise not be able to attend because of financial constraints.

Dr Ben Rickayzen, Head of the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance at Cass, says: This fundraising campaign is a fitting tribute to Professor Haberman who has been a leading academic in the world of Actuarial Science for many years.  The funds raised will not only be used to help us support new students, but also allow us to extend our Actuarial Science research offering and teaching provisions.

Professor Haberman said: I am very honoured and moved that this Campaign has been set up in recognition of my work. I am delighted that the focus of the Campaign is to raise funds for teaching and research in actuarial science, subjects that have been close to my heart and a central part of much of my working life.

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