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Cass academic joins editorial board of new journal

Dr Georgios Kavetsos working with the International Journal of Wellbeing

Friday, 30 July, 2010

Cass Business School’s Dr Georgios Kavetsos has been invited to join the editorial board of a brand new journal entitled The International Journal of Wellbeing’. This new journal consists of peer-reviewed articles focusing on different areas of well being. Dr Kavetsos will be responsible for finding peer reviewers to assess the papers before they are uploaded, as well as carrying out his own research to contribute to the journal.
Dr Kavetsos was invited to join the editorial board after his research paper on the impact hosting a major sporting event has on the happiness of the country’s residents was published in the Journal of Economic Psychology.
He intends to focus on the economic approach to wellbeing, with such topics as behavioural economics, health economics, labour economics and the economics of sports and sports events. Dr Kavetsos said he is very excited by this appointment, and explained: Being invited to join the editorial board for the International Journal of Wellbeing, along with other renowned academics, is a great honour. At this early stage of my academic career it is a recognition of the impact of my research and an additional inspiration for future contributions in this area.
As well as academic papers on social, psychological and economic wellbeing, the journal also focuses on book reviews concerning personal wellbeing and aims to prompt discussion, thought and exploration into these areas. The academic papers will be stored online and all work published can be easily accessed without subscriptions or fees.
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