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Was the take-over of Cadbury an acquisition too far for Kraft?

Joseph Lampel says hedge funds were biggest winners out of deal

Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

Joseph Lampel, Professor of Strategy, is questioning Kraft’s decision to acquire Cadbury saying this may be an acquisition too far for the company.  He says the biggest winners out of this deal were the hedge funds which made the astute decision to invest in Kraft before the deal was finalised and were subsequently able to make a killing when the deal went through.
Professor Lampel explained his views for this week’s Cass Talks interview.  Cass Talks is a series of free video and audio interviews uploaded weekly each Wednesday, presented by BBC Business Reporter and current Cass EMBA student, Alex Ritson.
The interviews are an opportunity to hear Cass faculty give their perspective on current business and finance news stories, global issues affecting the business world and new research coming out of the School.
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