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What are the emerging challenges for the world’s top business schools?

Event at Cass brings business school Deans from the US, France, Spain and the UK together

Tuesday, 21 December, 2010

A special breakfast panel event was hosted at Cass recently which brought together the Deans of four leading international business schools, including Professor Paul Danos, Dean, Dean of Tuck Business School; Professor Steve Haberman, Deputy Dean, Cass Business School; Professor Santiago Iniquez, Dean, Instituto de Empresa; and Professor Pierre Tapie, Dean, ESSEC Business School.

The Deans were also joined by a selection of high profile business education journalists to debate the emerging challenges for business schools across the world.  The group discussed the proliferation of business degrees and what position that leaves classic degrees in.

Each of the Deans explained the business model for their school with Professor Danos saying at Tuck they receive 40 percent of their funding from fees, 40 percent from gifts and 20 percent from other means.

The UK and European business school Deans responded in contrast stating that they rely much more highly on tuition fees.  Professor Iniquez suggested that those schools which rely heavily on tuition fees as the main source of income are more responsive to the market and as a result, European schools are very market-orientated.

The Deans also discussed the importance of research and the challenge of producing research which is relevant to business needs.  They discussed the merits of using both academics and practitioners to teach on programmes and the conflicts between specialist and generalist programmes.

An edited video of the event follows:

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