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An anatomy of the financial crisis

Cass PhD Student authors book on the financial crisis

Friday, 3 December, 2010

At the Labour party conference in 2000 Gordon Brown promised 'No return to Tory boom and bust', but seven years later those words returned to haunt him as the world was plunged into the worst financial crisis since the 1920s. How did this happen? What led to such a disaster? A new book, written by Cass PhD student Nashwa Saleh, answers these questions and also provides some potential escape routes.
Her book, entitled 'An anatomy of the financial crisis, blowing tumbleweed' provides an holistic summary of the financial crisis, and brings into focus some aspects that have been overlooked in other publications. The book uses case studies, quantitative data and qualitative analysis to bring clarity to the events surrounding the crisis.
Nashwa Saleh is currently a doctoral researcher at Cass Business School. Prior to joining Cass, Nashwa was an acting assistant sub-governor and Macro-Prudential Unit Head with Banking Supervision at the Central Bank of Egypt. She is a CFA charter holder and member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.
Nashwa's  PhD supervisor, Professor Andrew Clare, said: Nashwa's account of the recent crisis is clearly structured and insightful and her discussion of the possible next steps for the world economy is certainly thought provoking. This is an excellent book for anyone looking for an comprehensive overview of the recent economic turmoil.
'An Anatomy of the Financial Crisis, Blowing Tumbleweed', by Nashwa Saleh, published by Anthem Press, is available to buy now.

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