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Two new books from Professor Stefan Szymanski

Books are a compilation of the sports economist’s academic papers

Tuesday, 10 August, 2010

Cass Business School’s sports economist Professor Stefan Szymanski has had a collection of his academic articles published into two volumes of books entitled The Comparative Economics of Sport and Football Economics and Policy.
Professor Szymanski has authored five books, his most recent title being Why England Lose (with Simon Kuper, published as Soccernomics in the US), is a frequent media commentator on the subject of sports business and currently has a weekly column on football finance in the London Evening Standard. In addition to his academic research Professor Szymanski has also acted as a consultant to sports governing bodies such as UEFA, the FIA and the ICC, to government in the UK and abroad, and also to various sports organisations.
Professor Szymanski’s work has always placed a strong emphasis on the policy implications that arise from an understanding of economic structures that underpin professional sports. The volume Football Economics and Policy deals with issues such as the causes of financial distress in English football, prospects for a European Superleague and the regulation of broadcasting rights.
The Comparative Economics of Sport deals with the contrasts between the organisation of sports in Europe and North America, and examines whether there will be a tendency to converge toward a single model. The volume also contains a paper written in 2001 which advocated the creation of a small club-based competition for professional cricket which foreshadowed the creation of the Indian Premier League in 2008.
Andrew Zimbalist, professor of economics at Smith College in the USA praised Professor Szymanski for bringing a fresh and important perspective on the analysis of policy and organisational options confronting sports leagues.
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