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The art of business management

Professor Holtham reveals the secrets behind Cass's Business Mystery course.

Wednesday, 25 August, 2010

For the last 10 years a number of academics and business leaders have been gathering to discuss how art can influence management thinking. Professor Clive Holtham, one of the pioneers in this area, believes that logical, left brain, business managers would benefit from developing their more creative side.
The art of management however is not something that can be taught in a traditional didactic sense, according to Professor Holtham in this week's Cass Talks, but rather you must learn the skills in other ways. The Business Mystery course is offered as an elective on the Cass MBA but does not feature any lectures and is purely experiential and activity based.
One experience featured a trip for Cass students to a recording studio in London where an acclaimed musician challenged the students and staff to create and perform a musical piece using instruments that they weren't familiar with. This and other similar activities help to cultivate intuitive judgemental and decision making skills, giving our students a more rounded approach to management.
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