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Employee ownership model 'shows greater resilience'

Professor Joe Lampel and Dr Ajay Bhalla explain research into employee-owned companies

Wednesday, 21 April, 2010

Companies owned by their employees are more resilient than conventionally structured companies, outperforming the market during the downturn and demonstrating a lower risk of business failure suggest Professor Joe Lampel and Dr Ajay Bhalla in this week's Cass Talks interview, based on research commissioned by the John Lewis Partnership.

The report - Model Growth: Do employee-owned businesses deliver sustainable performance? - is based on an in-depth survey of senior executives and analysis of the financial data of over 250 companies.

The research finds that the employee ownership model offers particular advantages to small and medium-sized businesses and in knowledge and skill-intensive sectors, where employee-owned companies significantly outperform competitors. Employee-owned firms also create new jobs more quickly and add more value to output and human capital than conventionally structured businesses, whilst demonstrating the same levels of profitability.

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