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Prof Mitchell introduces ‘the most innovative introductory marketing textbook'

Friday, 11 September, 2009

The biggest challenges in writing textbooks is to keep case studies and examples up-to-date, and to engage students who are surrounded by stimulating content 24/7, according to Vince Mitchell, Professor of Consumer Marketing at Cass Business School. Marketing: Real People, Real Decisions has been designed to provide a stimulating and interesting marketing course to students, providing them with real-life examples and encouraging engagement.

The book's main distinctive element is that it involves real marketers making real decisions, and we get the students to engage in those decisions to try and work through them, says Professor Mitchell. The case studies, including speed-dating and Innocent's promotional campaigns which particularly demonstrate how one can be highly innovative in capturing people's imagination, according to Professor Mitchell.

Each chapter also features a section called discuss, debate, disagree' which contains examples relating to marketing ethics in every marketing decision, and ensures that students are reminded of the importance of ethics at all times. The book's website also contains a collection of YouTube videos relating to marketing for lecturers and students to use.

The book is written to make life as easy as possible for academics and students. There are ready lecture slides, seminar material, MCQ's and essay questions with model answers as well as the top 20 marketing and advertising viral videos updated daily.

Marketing: Real People, Real Decisions also includes consideration of current issues such as marketing in the economic downturn, and places increased emphasis on marketing measurement and metrics with real excel spread sheet models on the website produced by the UK's marketing metrics guru, Professor Bob Shaw.

For more information visit the weblink below. Professor Mitchell was one of the speakers at Global Brand Forum 2009, of which Cass is the Academic Partner for this year. The conference includes many other high-profile speakers and makes the link between marketing and finance by focusing on how to drive greater returns in marketing investments.

For more information, please visit the Pearson website.

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