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Cass alumna becomes youngest TV producer in the Arab world

Tuesday, 15 September, 2009

Cass alumna, Mona Al Ruwaini, is making a name for herself in the Middle East where she produces one of the regions most popular television shows and has a senior role in a major media company.
At the age of 24 Mona is the youngest producer in the Arab world. She is responsible for producing the Prince of Poets on Dubai TV. This hugely successful reality TV programme is like X-Factor, the main difference being that it is about poetry and not singing. With 10 million viewers tuning in every week it is one of the top rated shows in the whole of the Middle East.
The show, which has just finished its third season, was conceptualised by Mona and her sister, famous Arabic TV presenter Nashwa Al Rumaini, in liaison with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. It features people from all over the Middle East reciting poetry in front of a panel of judges and a voting audience.
The contestant who shows the best poetic talent is awarded one million UAE Dirhams (£170,000) and is bestowed with the title Prince of Poets’; this title dating back to 1927 when it was awarded to Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawqi.
Mona, who completed her BSc at Cass in 2004, produces the show with her sister, through multi million dollar media company, Pyramedia, of which Mona is marketing director and her sister is CEO.
As well as Prince of Poets the company is also responsible for producing Millions Poet another hugely successful, award winning poetry based reality TV show, which draws in audiences of up to 17 million people across the Arab states.  The company has recently won the Best Arts and Cultural Event Award at the Middle East Events Awards 2009.

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Hassan Baiti of Syria celebrates after winning the Prince of Poets television contest.

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