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MSc Logistics, Trade and Finance revamped with supply chain finance motivation

Friday, 20 March, 2009

Starting this year, the popular MSc Logistics, Trade and Finance will be known as MSc Supply Chain, Trade and Finance (SCTF).  The Committee on Academic Practices recently approved a proposal by Professor ManMohan Sodhi to overhaul the degree to reflect the increasing importance of supply chain finance in business and therefore in business education.

The MSc Supply Chain Trade and Finance  is part of the trio of degrees offered by the Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance, which offer students the choice to specialise in shipping, energy, or supply chain.  There are two motivations for upgrading the degree: Firstly, supply chain management has long transplanted logistics in scope and it is an area considered strategic by most companies, with board level visibility.  Secondly, banks have expressed keen interest in combining supply chain management and finance, and our degree is unique in the world to be able to meet this demand. Thus, the content of the existing curriculum has been revamped based on research into companies’ detailed job requirements and on consultations with senior managers from industry.

Professor Sodhi, director of the revamped programme says: "The reason for making such changes is simple, we are a business school and the value of our efforts is reflected in how well our students are placed in industry, and how well they do there once they get their job of choice. Keeping the programme relevant to what companies want is critical."

The specific changes to the curriculum are:

Supply Chain Economics to replace Transportation Economics, a core module in Term 1, with a heavy emphasis on procurement.  Cass research shows that almost three-fifths of all supply chain jobs for business school graduates have a strong component of procurement and supply management. Ethical procurement, a concern in a globalised world, is also now included. Global Supply Chain Management will replace International Logistics and Distribution, a core module in Term 2, to cover the individual functions that comprise supply chain management as well as the cross-functional skills within supply chain management such as supply chain risk.

Supply Chain Finance will be offered as a new elective will combine finance and supply chain management (on offer in 2010). This will make our students more attractive to banks. Retail Supply Chain Management, another new elective, will focus on retail, an area of rapid growth in developing economies like China and India, and also a sector of particular interest for our location of London with many global retailer headquarters. Existing electives such as Six Sigma for Managers and Supply Chain Modelling will remain on offer as will a huge choice of finance and trade electives as befits our school’s strength in finance.

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