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Cass MBA team semi-finalists in L'Oreal business competition

Thursday, 19 March, 2009

A team of full time MBA students from Cass have become semi-finalists of the L'Oreal EStrat, one of the world's biggest online business simulation competitions.  Over 30,000 teams began the competition, with only 300 teams making it through to the semi finals.  The Cass team made it through five rounds of the competition which saw each group manage a portfolio of beauty brands and compete for worldwide leadership against other virtual companies.

Each team acted as the General Manager of a cosmetics firm and was faced with new market situations and challenges during each of the six rounds.  The teams were required to translate their strategy into critical decisions about all aspects of the company: pricing, production volume and capacity, research and development, marketing, advertising, brand positioning, and diversity and equity. Each round corresponded to a six month real time period.

The Cass team was made up of students Campbell Taylor, Cindy Shen, and Nicolai Schuemann, with the support of Pavlos Gennimatas.

During the semi-final round, the teams were required to draw up a business plan to outline where they intended to take their company in the next three years and what the company's strategic objectives were.

Campbell Taylor said: "What a great opportunity to apply our MBA lessons in a commercial setting. We are all hugely excited after our two month effort and our team has really worked well with a healthy balance of enthusiasm and caution. Before starting the Cass MBA I would never have thought this was possible."

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