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Cass Professor Ranked Ninth Most Prolific Author of Finance in 50 Years

Wednesday, 24 June, 2009

A top-ranked US education journal, has ranked Cass Professor Andrew Clare as the ninth most prolific author of the last 50 years.  The ranking considered 72 finance journals, and ranked 300 people in the article entitled Additional Evidence on Prolific Authors in Finance over the Past Half Century.
These rankings generally only feature US academics, very few Europeans ever appear, so it is a reflection of the outstanding contribution that Professor Clare makes to research in finance and a great opportunity to raise the profile of Cass Business School in a US publication.

On receiving the award, Andrew Clare said Americans do tend to dominate these rankings, so I am very honoured to be in the top 10.  It’s good to see Europeans starting to appear and raise their profiles.

Professor Clare was also appointed as a trustee to the GEC Marconi pension plan in April of this year.  He serves on the board's Investment Committee, which oversees the investment strategy of the £3.2bn pension scheme.  This is another great achievement because it is uncommon for a British finance academic to serve on one of these boards, although it is fairly commonplace in the US.

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