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Where does the nation's money go at Christmas? Charities, presents or alcohol?

Wednesday, 16 December, 2009

Many charities run special fundraising appeals at Christmas but research from Professor Cathy Pharoah shows this is due to a five percent increase in the numbers of people giving and not to bigger gifts.  In addition, donations do not rise as much as some other forms of giving, or at the same levels as spending on alcohol does.
Meanwhile, Professor Vince Mitchell explains consumer confusion in the run-up to Christmas can be counteracted by retailers to make shopping less draining for consumers, meanwhile giving the retailers a greater share of Santa’s sack.  He says retailers who make an effort to reduce the potential for customer confusion by giving them a Christmas KISS Keeping It Simple and Straightforward - are more likely to enjoy greater levels of purchaser trust and reputation.
Professors Cathy Pharoah and Vince Mitchell explain their individual research findings in a bumper double-interview Christmas special for Cass Talks.  Cass Talks is a series of free video and audio interviews uploaded weekly each Wednesday, presented by BBC Business Reporter and current Cass EMBA student, Alex Ritson.
The interviews are an opportunity to hear Cass faculty give their perspective on current business and finance news stories, global issues affecting the business world and new research coming out of the School.
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